Walnut Stock, Semi-Auto


Now available in left-handed configuration. The A400 Xplor Action is a semi-automatic shotgun that will be equally at home on an upland, duck or deer hunt as well as at the clay range. It incorporates all the advantages of the revolutionary A400 concept–low profile action, light weight, lightning-fast follow-up shots, low recoil, easy maintenance–and combines them with the classic looks of blue steel and walnut stock. But even here, Beretta has an eye towards innovation, offering updated lines and checkering, as well as a contrasting-color receiver. Available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge, the A400 Xplor Action defines performance and versatility in a semiauto.



The A400 is a gas-operated action that was built for speed, reliability and versatility. Featuring the Blink technology, it is capable of firing 4 shells in less than 1 second, giving you the fastest follow-up shots of any shotgun on the market. Also, with this shotgun you can safely fire lead and steel shot, as well as chamber the best shell for the job regardless of length (2 ¾” to 3”) or power (mild for target to hard-hitting for hunting). Last but not least, the A400 action is light and trim, making this shotgun’s balance, swing and pointability an absolute best in its class.



While only weighing 6.7 lbs max (12-ga), the A400 Xplor Action features multiple recoil-reducers that greatly diminish the impact of each shot on your shoulder (by as much as 70%). Inside the stock, there are hydraulic shock-absorbers that–much like in a modern luxury car–absorb the impact of any sudden bump, giving your shoulder a “smooth ride.” Also, the buttpad’s Micro-Core technology adds extra softness between you and any recoil that is left, while still allowing the shotgun to slide up effortlessly to your shoulder without the gummy friction of other pads.



With its bronze-colored receiver, its classic Beretta blue barrel and its select walnut stock, the A400 Xplor Action is an elegant piece of gear that will figure very nicely even next to a premium over-under. The checkering is fine, giving you secure purchase while pointing and shooting, and on the fore-end it features the Beretta Trident logo for an updated look. Keeping this shotgun as good as new after a long day on the field or at the range is quick and easy: you can field-strip the A400 Xplor without any tools, and it comes apart in only five components that are a snap to reassemble. All these features make the A400 Xplor Action the best and most versatile wood-blue semiauto shotgun for a variety of hunting and sporting purposes.


Blink technology allows the A400-series shotgun to fire up to four shots in less than one second, cycling positively and reliably. This is the fastest semiauto action on the market, and its advantages are tremendous both in the field and at the range.


The bronze receiver on the A400 Xplor Action gives a cool, updated look to the shotgun while retaining its classic appeal.


The Gun Pod is a digital display designed for the real “powder-head” who wants to keep track of everything at the range. This revolutionary system provides a digital readout of the ambient air temperature, the cartridge pressure of the round fired and the overall number of shells fired through the shotgun. This enables you to further enhance your training or shooting routine, as well as get to know your shotgun better.


One of the revolutionary aspects of the A400 line is its recoil reduction system. Inside the stock, there are hydraulic shock-absorbers that–much like in a modern luxury car–absorb the impact of any sudden bump, giving your shoulder a “smooth ride.”


Optima-Bore HP choke geometry was conceived to offer the best ballistic performance available, with steel or lead shot. Thanks to its design, shot pattern remains perfectly uniform whatever the shell size or load, giving you consistency and accuracy on the hunt and at the range. Optima-Bore HP choke tubes further enhance the effect.


Steelium is a patented tri-alloy steel specifically developed by Beretta for shotgun barrels. This special blend of steels is extremely light while offering high resistance to deformation, as well as durability. For the shooter, this means patterns remaining consistent overtime, and a shotgun that will last for generations.


Xtra grain is a process that greatly enhances the appearance of walnut, without involving the cost of truly premium wood. This way, your Xplor Action will never fail to turn heads at the range, while remaining a tremendous value for the money.


Now the A400 Xplor Action is also available in 28 gauge (as well as 12 and 20)–making the line a complete family that can satisfy the needs of most discriminating hunters and shooters.

Barrel length (cm) 56/61/66/71/76 61/66/71/76
Barrel length (in) 22/24/26/28/30 24/26/28/30
Chamber (mm) 76 76
Chamber (in) 3″ 3″
Gauge 12 20
Lylium Y Y
Rib 6×6 6×6
  • CALIBER//  22″ 12Ga, 24″ 12Ga, 26″ 12Ga, 28″ 12Ga, 30″ 12Ga, 24″ 20Ga, 26″ 20Ga, 28″ 20Ga, 30″ 20Ga, 26″ 28Ga, 28″ 28Ga
  • CHAMBER//  2.7″-3″