Standard, Hammer Fire
  • CALIBER//  9×19, .40 S&W
  • MAGAZINE//  10-17
  • SIZE//  216x140x38 mm
  • WEIGHT//  920 g


In a dangerous world, law enforcement professionals need every advantage. Guns that are rugged, reliable and save. With effective firepower needed for high-risk encounters, resistant to fatigue to the worst conditions. The new Beretta 90two semiautomatic pistol incorporates new and unique benefits while maintaining all of the advanced performance and safety features that have made the 92 pistol series an international legend. The new Beretta 90two features a brand new look with innovative lines and rounded contours that permit comfortable carry and a smooth and rapid extraction from the holster. Designed with extreme care in every detail, the Beretta 90two is complete with a large array of safety features. Each one is specifically studied to take into account the ergonomics, design and to obtain the best accessibility to the hand that grips the pistol. The interchangeability and modularity of the components, together with the integral accessory rail and the removable grip unit, make this pistol ready to meet any operational requirement. The Beretta 90two is available in the traditional single/double action version. All feature new higher capacity magazines in the 9mm x 19 Parabellum (Luger) and .40 S&W calibres.



The newly designed frame of 90two pistol ensures trouble-free insertion and holster extraction, thanks to its rounded and truly snag-free surfaces. Inside the frame, near the disassembly lever, a metallic recoil buffer reduces the impact of the slide assembly against the frame during the shooting cycle. By redistributing the stresses, the recoil buffer increases the service life of the firearm.
Trigger guard is also rounded to ensure, when firing with two hands, the correct positioning of the supporting hand.



90two Type F. Double/single action. Ambidextrous manual safety on the slide with hammer decocking function, automatic firing pin block safety.

90two Type G. Double/single action. Ambidextrous manual lever on the slide with hammer decocking function with the return of the lever to the firing position, automatic firing pin block safety.

  • Picatinny rail
  • Interchangeable front sight
  • Chrome-lined bore
  • Reversible magazine catch
  • Manual safety doubles as de-cocking lever
  • Internal recoil buffer
ACTION Double/Single Double/Single
RIFLING PITCH 250 mm 400 mm
CALIBRE 9x19mm .40 S&W
MAGAZINE 10, 15, 17 10, 12
RIFLING R.H., 6 grooves
OPERATION Semiautomatic, short recoil of barrel
LOCKING SYSTEM Locked-breech, falling block
SIGHTS Front and rear sights on the slide. Removable.
FRAME Light alloy